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Online business plan scams are alive and doing very well. There's even a new wrinkle: the "crowd funding". Trust me, no one makes money but the promoters in this scheme.

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The big guys may have lots of funding resources, but don't let them fool you. Small business loans and grants provide lots -- and do mean lots -- of options.


Business Grants

We get a lot of questions about business grants, and we know a lot of misinformation is out there.  So we set out to bring you the real information on business grants.

If business grants sound like your best bet, bet sure to check business grants, small business grants, free government grants, SBA business grants and business funding grants.  That is where you will find out where the grants are, and how you can capture one.

Business grants are probably the hardest kind of funding to obtain, so read through those pages carefully.

Business Loans

Small business loans and grants are the top of the list of "need to know" items for most most entrepreneurs.  It would be a lot of easier if we could say, if yours is a manufacturing company, look in column A; retail businesses, look in column B. 


But it isn't that easy. 

There are so many options in small business loans and grants that we can only encourage you to investigate all options.  Then choose the ones that work best for your company.

Yes, that is "best ones", plural.  Rarely is a small business financed through only one source.  Typically, every business will select something from column A, then something else from column B, and probably something from columns Q and M too.

Look at every option for your small business loans and grants.  Then make your mix.

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